Asked 9th Feb, 2021

What could be an interesting topic for a bachelor's thesis in a finance/marketing/computer science field?

Hi everyone! I would like to write my bachelor's thesis on a topic that's currently relevant in the sphere of finance, marketing or computer science (or if it's possible a topic concerning all the three fields of interest). Those fields are the same upon which my bachelor is based (Bachelor of Science in Economics, Management and Computer Science).
I've some broad ideas about the topics, for example: the link between brand equity and financial performance; the effects of aggressive marketing on financial markets; the new generation of traders (covid has increase the number of retail investors with no previous experience); machine learning applied to behavioral finance (I really enjoy those last two topics but have no idea on how to connect them).
Obviously any kind of suggestions, regarding new topic (broad or specific) or the development of cited ones would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

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25th Feb, 2021
Ayodele Ajayi
University of Lagos
Many thanks for this question. A research work on the Stock Market should be appropriate. You can do a a comparative analysis of the Stock Market in your country with another country and on the basis of that make intuitive judgments.

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10th Feb, 2021
Ahmed Al Asheq
World University of Bangladesh
For marketing students: how does "AI" affect the marketing performance of a business firm?
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10th Feb, 2021
Sudhir Yadav
Meerut College, Meerut affiliated to C.C.S. University Meerut U.P.
Role of FDI in the development of economy.
Emerging trends of E-commerce business in.........(name of country.)
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10th Feb, 2021
Abu Bashar
IMS Unison University Dehradun
Dear Matteo Minnici you can conduct a study on the "How Covid-19 has influenced the online shopping behavior, specially impulse buying"
You may also explore the "Adoption of AI & ML in learning & understanding consumer behavior towards a particular product category".
All the very best in your endevour.
11th Feb, 2021
Kiprotich Kiptum
University of Eldoret
Develop a mobile application that can be used by college students to monitor the financial expenditure.
11th Feb, 2021
Gabriela Nizarindani Gallegos
Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente
La macroeconomía es la base para que el mundo funcione y algunos países tienen estrategias financieras que les han permitido crecer a nivel mundial, la mercadotecnia y la informática son medios importantes que contribuyen en los mercados internacionales. Podrias hacer un estudio y escoger algún país en donde estos 3 grandes saberes se conjuntan y han dado excelentes resultados. Puedes buscas asesores externos que te dirijan la tesis y que te ayuden a concretar un tema mas objetivo y centrado ........
12th Feb, 2021
John J. Borking
Ministry of Internal Affairs
What about price discrimination due the lack of adequate protection of personal information.?
12th Feb, 2021
Eugen Dijmarescu
Romanian-American University
A good answer would be: Digital currencies and digital payment - an IT challenge for safe transactions.
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13th Feb, 2021
Mark Bayoud
University of the West of Scotland
We are living in a world dramatically affected by Covid, its impact on financial markets will be a conversation many scholars will be pondering for many years to come. I suggest looking at a specific fiancial sector that was or was not affected and why.
13th Feb, 2021
Olga Rauhut Kompaniets
Dalarna University
A digital marketing theme could be of interest
18th Feb, 2021
Klimontowicz Monika
University of Economics in Katowice
Dear Matteo,
You can also focus on FinTechs as new market players and survey how they disrupt traditional banking. If you like to combine it with marketing you can write for example on the role of FinTech in delivering value for customers.
23rd Feb, 2021
Nicholas Jewczyn
Walden University
That would be a topic paper - a thesis is the capstone for a literary Masters Program and the dissertation is for a doctoral program - those are reserved words that hold a special meaning for those particular programs. Since financial data are generally considered to be asymmetric, you might consider the pitfalls of marketing using such financial data in computer matrices associated with big data. That should serve all three fields.
23rd Feb, 2021
Anna Tarabasz
S P Jain School of Global Management
In terms of Marketing, please have look at trends in digital Marketing by Gartner
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