Started 3rd Jul, 2021

Textual resources for Buddhist tradition of astrology

Although Bashkar II, in his Siddhantha Shiromani, critisized a Buddhist school of astrology who held the Earth is moving, I have not seen any mention about texts on Buddhist astrological or mathematical tradition in recent studies. Vedic and Jain sources are well known.
Are there any primary textual resources on Buddhist astrology/mathematics?

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9th Jul, 2021
Md. Al - Mamun
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science & Technology University
Dear Thamalu,
Buddhism and astrology might seem to be unrelated fields. Buddhism affords a set of teachings intended to liberate us from cycles of rebirths, while astrology concerns itself with how human activities are affected by the planets. However, astrology appears in Buddhist texts and practices throughout history.
M.A Mamun
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