Asked 11th Jul, 2021

Searching for research topics being 1st semester student of Civil engineering?

Hi, I'm new to the engineering field and currently in 1st semester(civil engineering). I would be happy if you point out some of the topics in the Engineering research field, so that I could also start to do some research on them.

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20th Jul, 2021
Mikhail Mikhailovich Titov
Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Sibstrin)
Для начала необходимо иметь руководителя из числа опытных, имеющих ученую степень преподавателей. Он подскажет и тему, и литературу, и с чего начать и чем закончить. Если с этими будут проблемы, напишите мне на мою почту [email protected] To begin with, it is necessary to have a supervisor from among experienced teachers with an academic degree. He will tell you both the topic and the literature, and where to start and how to finish. If there are any problems with these, write to me at my email [email protected]

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12th Jul, 2021
Rochak Pandey
Guru Ghasidas University
You are very fresh to this field to be able to start with research work, at this point your main focus should be to develop concepts of engineering, Once you get a hold on the concepts till your 3rd year of graduation then you will get an opportunity in 4th year as a Minor & major project courses, to find out the research gaps and problems in the civil engineering field and to work on it using concepts as a tool.
To satisfy your enthusiasm in research you can start to follow the latest trends of construction & Materials trending worldwide .
13th Jul, 2021
Om Prakash Chhangani
Apex University
It is quite early for you to start research however it will be of interest if you focus on modern materials( smart materials) and if you are Software savy then learn programing and work on open source softwares.
OpenSees is latest development of software in open source and if you start working and learning this then it will be of great help to you.
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