ResearchGate News republishing policy

On ResearchGate News, scientists and researchers from around the world present their views on current affairs.

Their voices are invaluable to an informed society.

Please go ahead and republish, cite, and quote what they have to say.

For print and online:

  1. You cannot edit our material unless you have permission from the author in the case of content produced by researchers, or from ResearchGate in the case of content produced by the ResearchGate editorial team (get in touch with us here). You can change references to timing (i.e. "today" to "yesterday") and make changes (i.e. "New York, NY" to "New York, New York") according to your house style. You can also edit articles for length. Please include "This story has been edited for length. You can read the full version on ResearchGate News" with a link to the article's page URL. Please also feel free to translate content from ResearchGate News to other languages.
  2. Give us credit. Please list the authors as presented in the byline on ResearchGate News, or in the case of content produced by the ResearchGate News editorial team, the ResearchGate editorial team ("by ResearchGate News"). If you republish an article from ResearchGate News, include our logo, and if you're republishing online, include and a link to the article’s page URL. If you quote a researcher from an interview on ResearchGate News online, include a link to the article’s page URL and to the researcher’s ResearchGate profile as linked in the original article.
  3. You can run ads alongside articles you republish from ResearchGate News, but don't resell our content.
  4. Check whether you're licensed to republish images from articles on ResearchGate News.
  5. If we ask you to remove the content from your site, you must agree to do so immediately.