Started 16th Jul, 2021

Problems in Proteomics or other bioinformatics related area to apply Deep learning Methods

Hello, research community,
I am looking for some open problems in bioinformatics specifically in the area of, but not limited to, proteomics, and genomics. Since I am new to this area, any useful suggestions, a discussion on open problems and relevant resources are welcome.

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17th Jul, 2021
Shin Murakami
Touro University California
There is a series of studies on that topic that may be helpful for you to explore:
18th Jul, 2021
Vikas Ramachandra
Stanford University
Protein structure prediction
single cell RNA/DNA unsupervised learning/clustering
correlation of gene expression & variation with clinical outcomes
many more open problems tbh
e.g. see DeepVariant by google research
Can you contribute to the discussion?

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