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Juan carlos Dominguez Solis
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I am a student , I am learning quantum electrodynamics, quantum chromodynamics, I currently do gaussian calculations for quantum chemistry or dft models of carbon nanotubes and polymer structures but in only learning i dont know enogh yet


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the Goldstone diagram is maybe a Feynman or Abrikosov diagram with n-folds, but I have no idea what this means, I know quantum mechanics, relativity but I don't know so much about quantum chemistry and computational chemistry and this thinks, maybe i know Hamiltonians and Lagrangians to fields, but please, if someone can help me, this will be very good.
I am looking to understand what is soliton in qft, not in optical devices because it seemed to me that solitons look very different in optical field than in qft, but I am trying to understand what this means and I am very confused about topological solitons , the solitons are like taking L = 1 2 ∂µφ∂µφ - U (φ) and after use a metric like mikosky metric, after this I could use euler lagrange for the field of motion equation and this would give me a non-relativistic lagragian , and the problem is that I cant get the static solution because I don't know how to do it, are the solitons a static solution for some potential? , Maybe solitons should exist only in the 1d + 1d field which has local symmetry u (1) or are there solitons in 3d + 1d? ,what means solitons in BRST quantazation bacuase i fell that brst dosent have any relatiship with solitons.
I know it's a group so(n)that represent rotations in 3d space but I don't understand what this "2.0" means, I'm just a student so I'm learning.
is there a deeper fundamental property of neutrino oscillations? How does it work at the field level? is there any advanced mathematical connection or is only a physical fact?
What makes trimerons interact with other quasiparticles?
what is the qft or relativistic qm or qm behind this interraction?
who can mesurre or detect the cuasiparticles interractions like phonons ,polarons ,ect.?
what makes the colective states unique and there are some kind of from to modify the topological interraction or some kind of discrete maths to optimice?
in trying to undestad conformal field theory with holography,probably i need help bacause ¿how ads/cft can have implications in experimental areas?
what is the relatioship bewteen Jackiw-Rabí and wilczek-goldstone effect?
wilczek and anderson chaos have a relationship?
i want to know that going on in this topic and that could be the most important papers ,such as Scattering of two-dimensional massless Dirac electrons by a circular potential barrier and i only want to know more in this topic ,could yo give me an idea?
second quantazation
canonical quantization
adjoin points quantazation
BRST quantization
topological quantazation
simplectical reduction quantization
deformation quantization
Unfolded Quantization
kink quantazation
why we have alot of quantazations?
I am learning qft as if it were my own, so some topics are difficult for me to understand and it may be useful for me to have an answer please.
I am looking for an article that talks about the direct interaction of a nanoparticle and sars cov-2, but most of the articles talk about target proteins attached to gold nanoparticles, but I'm only looking for the interaction of sars cov2 with the nanoparticles. but I can't find that paper if exist.
(am trying to see the interaction in a solution of gold nanoparticles stabilized with povidone to see if they form clousters or how they interact in general)
i have no idea what means in easy words MIT bag model ,and if this is only a method for strong interractions.
you can say me some topic like hopf algebras,like advance math ,qft ,whatever or some problem.
Does anyone have free Gaussian software in zip or something? I want to learn dft calculations in this software for educational purposes as my own and my university does not want to give me this sofware bacause i am not a researcher.
I'm Juan Carlos, a high school student who is working with electropinning, I made an electropinning machine with a 21g needle and a 30kv high voltage source and the distance between my needle is 5cm (these conditions are already complex that I would not like to know if in their research they obtained that the higher the density, the higher the high voltage must be or if there is any relationship because the electrospinning worked twice but I did not know the density (it was more than 20w/v) and now that I try to find the density trying No I can find it. the solution is pva,i already tried with 20,25,30,35,40 (w/v) without any dopand. i should tried with w/v less than 10w/v? (i dont have a bomb).you can check the video o from one of those times that worked. and the drop is de pva with silver nanoparticles.but now i only lokking for pva electrospining without something. the power supply is a half of medium wave rectified


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For a year we have been looking for homemade methods for the development of nanowires doped with surface-charged nanoparticles