10 Best + Free JavaScript Courses [2021 DECEMBER][UPDATED]

Best JavaScript Tutorial Course Class Training Certification Online

Our team of global web development experts have done in depth research to come up with this list of Best +Free Javascript Tutorial, Class, Course, Training & Certification for 2021. It includes both paid and free learning resources available online to help you learn Javascript. Wish you all the best!


10 Best +Free JavaScript Courses, Training, Certification, Tutorial & Classes Online [2021 DECEMBER] [UPDATED]

1. The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: Build Real Projects (Udemy)

We’d just like to begin by saying that this is the best JavaScript tutorial and course you will find online. Now let us go on to the details of why we think so. The trainer Jonas Schmedtmann is one of Udemy’s top instructors and has a background in web development since 2007. He has a Master’s degree in Engineering and he is truly passionate about helping others by sharing his knowledge and empowering them. This course has been taken up by 85,000+ professionals and they have given it an average rating of 4.6 with hundreds of 5-star reviews. This program, in particular, will help you become an absolute master of JavaScript using multiple projects, challenges, quizzes and in-depth coverage on ES6+, OOP, AJAX and Webpack.


Key USPs –

– Tutor has taught more than 210,000+ through his various programs online

– Learn all JavaScript and programming fundamentals including variables, boolean logic, if/else, loops, functions, arrays and much more

Includes modules on modern JavaScript for 2021(NPM, Webpack, Babel and ES6)

– Comes with coding challenges, quizzes along with solutions to make learning fun and interactive

– You will also learn complex and advanced concepts to not just get you going but prepare you for senior level roles as well

– Includes 26 hours of on-demand video with 10 articles and 15 supplemental resources


Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Review : This is probably the best course available for Native JavaScript on Udemy. There are other courses on Udemy which give good explanation of how JS actually works but they don’t provide much practice or any projects to work. On the other hand, this course provides good teaching, code challenges and two actual JS projects to work on. That’s the thing I liked the most. This would be a great start If you are completely new to JS but if you have some knowledge of JS already, this is a MUST!! – Tharun



2. The Complete Web Developer Course (Udemy)

272,000+ students have enrolled for this course, and it enjoys a massively high rating of 4.7 with thousands of wonderful testimonials. Not just Javascript, but if you want to also learn HTML, CSS, JS, Node and cover the entire gamut of web development, then this is the perfect training program for you. Created by Colt Steele, this program is updated regularly and available in multiple subtitles including French, Hindi, Korean, Polish and Dutch among some others. Colt has over the years empowered many professional web developers, including helping people start their journey from scratch. Don’t forget checking our compilation of best web development courses.


Key USPs –

– Tutorial comes with 42.5 hours with 63 articles and 32 supplemental resources available with lifetime access

– Some of the course graduates now work at companies such as Google, Salesforce, and Square

– Javascript is broken down into different modules including Control Flow, Functions, Arrays and Objects

– Includes modules on jQuery, Backend basics, NodeJS, Server Side Frameworks

– In addition to all that, also learn about HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, REST, MongoDB, ExpressJS, PassportJS Authorization and much more


Rating : 4.7 out of 5

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An exceptional course. The instructor is very clear and concise in explanations. The only issue I had with the course is the runtime of the videos. It would be better if they were less than 10mins. But that being a minor issue, I would say this is the best course if one would want to learn web development from the ground up. cheers! – Harish Pillarisetti



3. Javascript Certification by Duke University (Coursera)

This certification by Duke University consists of an entire module dedicated to HTML, CSS, and Javascript for web development. Other sessions which are part of this program include Solving problems with software; arrays, lists & structured data, principles of software design and building a recommendation system. The tutors of this course are Susan H. Rodger, Professor of the Practice Computer Science; Robert Duvall, Lecturer Computer Science; Owen Astrachan, Professor of the Practice Computer Science and Andrew D. Hilton, Assistant Professor of the Practice Electrical and Computer Engineering. Let us find out some of the key strengths of this Javascript certification.


Key USPs – 

– One program includes knowledge around multiple domains including Java, Javascript and much more

– You will learn the skills a software engineer needs to solve real-world problems

– The program has an impressive list of teachers and backing of Duke University

– Learn to design algorithms, testing and debugging your programs

– The program culminates in a Capstone Project which will help you implement theoretical concepts practically


Rating : 4.5 out of 5

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Review : The course was good in content. The way the things were delivered was really amazing and uses of CodePen for practicing is also a nice practice introduces to us in the series. Thanks Duke for providing us with a good course to begin our learning in making interactive and attractive web pages



4. Learn Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree Program (Udacity)

This nano degree program aims to prepare you for an advanced career in web development, server-side application development, and desktop development that require JavaScript skills. It will help you learn multiple JavaScript frameworks, such as Angular, React, and Vue, to build your development skills. Besides, you’ll learn how to use the OOPS features of JavaScript to develop applications with reusable and maintainable blocks of code. The curriculum is equipped with high-quality videos, graded assignments, quizzes, and other study material to improve your knowledge. At the end of the program, you’ll be able to build the infrastructure for many integrated applications. Check out our curation of Best MySQL Courses.


Key USPs –

– Know how to use the object-oriented programming features to build applications with reusable and maintainable blocks of code

– Gain better knowledge about Functional programming and why it is currently trending in the IT field 

– Be comfortable with the original and the modern asynchronous patterns in terms of reading, writing, and thinking

– Get complete career services from resume building to portfolio enhancements and also profile optimization to land a high paying job

– Earn a badge of completion after finishing the curriculum with given exams and assignments


Duration: 3 Months

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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5. Web Development with JavaScript Executive Education Program (MIT xPRO)

Designed by skilled professionals of MIT xPRO, this comprehensive prospectus can help you learn and understand the fundamentals of web development with industry projects. It is specifically designed for beginners, early career professionals, project leads, and managers to help them gain a solid understanding of web development with JavaScript. Signing up for this syllabus will enable you to understand fundamental web programming concepts and build web applications with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The curriculum is organized with a step-by-step process to cover every concept in detail with common examples. Upon finishing the program, you’ll have the market-ready coding skills required in a high-growth market.


Key USPs –

– An ideal curriculum that covers web development with JavaScript from scratch to help you learn everything in detail

– Learn to define and breakdown modern software development lifecycle processes, design and implement UI components for web applications, and more

– Understand how to set up code management tools like GitHub and build your career with the help from peer network

– Learn how to create a program that deals with asynchronous code while getting introduced to the basics of cybersecurity

– Prepare from the comfort of your home with access to virtual learning environment


Duration: 10 weeks, 15-20 hours/week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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6. Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Web Development (Caltech)

CaltechThis multi-modular program is designed to help you excel in your full-stack web development skills while introducing you to the critical aspects of web development. Signing up for this brochure will enable you to accelerate your career as a software developer. You’ll learn about modern coding techniques and advanced aspects of full-stack development and master both front-end and back-end Java technologies. The prospectus is organized in partnership with the Center for Technology & Management Education, which means you will be interacting with industry experts during the classes. Furthermore, you’ll get the opportunity to be noticed by top hiring companies with the Simplilearn job assistance program that offers resume services, interview preparation, and career fairs.


Key USPs –

– A well-structured prospectus designed to learn about agile and scrum practices to deliver projects quickly while knowing the building blocks of Java

– Focused on covering multiple aspects of full-stack development, such as frameworks for DevOps, Testing in a DevOps Lifecycle, etc.

– Learn about Spring Boot, Angular, JSPs, Hibernate, and MVC to launch your career as a full-stack developer

– Gain advanced UI skills with HTML, CSS, and be able to build 3-tier applications with practical front-end features with Spring framework


Duration: 9 months, 5-10 hours/week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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7. Full Stack JavaScript Developer (Udacity)

If you are willing to become a successful full-stack developer by learning the essentials of JavaScript, this course can help you. You need basic familiarity with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JSON to begin with the program. After taking this program, you will learn how to build UI and UX, create APIs, and server-side business logic. It will also teach you how to make a persistence layer to store, process, and retrieve data. There is a growing demand for skilled developers who can deliver modern web-based experiences. This nano degree program will make you a qualified professional for jobs in many industries trying to match the pace of digital transformation.


Key USPs –

– Get introduced to the fundamental tools needed to build a scalable and maintainable basic API

– Learn to build a RESTful JSON API using Node and Postgres while learning from industry experts with full technical mentor support and career services

– Explore topics like databases and querying, API architecture, database migrations, REST, CRUD, how to create a testing environment, hash password, and route authorization via JWTs

– Develop skills for building single-page applications (SPAs) and be able to deploy your application on your own


Duration: 4 Months (10 hours/week)

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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8. Modern JavaScript From The Beginning (Udemy)

Brad Traversy is a Full Stack Web Developer & Instructor who Founded Traversy Media. He is an absolute specialist at HTML5, front end frameworks, and server side technologies. In this tutorial, Brad will teach you to learn and build projects with pure JavaScript without frameworks or libraries. Among other things, you will learn asynchronous programming with Ajax, Fetch API, Promises & Async / Await.


Key USPs –

– Learn all about DOM Projects, Object Oriented JavaScript – ES5 & ES2015 and OOP

– Demystify using asynchronous JavaScript, Ajax & Fetch API and API Projects

– Learn Error Handling & Regular Expressions as well as many other new features

– Action-packed comprehensive course goes on for 21.5 hours with 109 supplemental resources, accessible online


Rating : 4.8 out of 5

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Review : This course from Brad covers using JavaScript with real-world examples so well, it filled many holes in my understanding of JS concepts and filled me with knowledge and confidence when using this must have language. I’m so grateful to Brad for putting together this well thought out and practical course. – Steve Harper



9. Javascript: Understanding the Weird Parts (Udemy)

This is only for those who are well versed with the basics of JavaScript and want to move up the ladder and upgrade their skills. Anthony Alicea has packed a tonne of information in this 11+ hour course which includes scope, closures, prototypes, building your own framework among a lot of other things. The trainer has a degree in Computer Science, has been programming since he was 12 and developing websites since 16. He is proficient at JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, ASP .NET MVC, jQuery, KnockoutJS among many other platforms, and this course of his is concentrated on JS.


Key USPs –

– Demystify concepts like closures, prototypal inheritance, IIFEs, and much more

– Learn about common mistakes to avoid

– Learn all about Types and Operators; Objects and Functions; Prototypal Inheritance

– Understand how to build your own JavaScript library

– Get full lifetime access to 11.5 hours of on demand video and 7 articles


Rating : 4.7 out of 5

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Review : Anthony you are very knowledgable and honestly cant thank you enough. I went from learning how to code for the first time just 7 month to now working for the largest company in the world as a programmer. Your course really prepared me and helped me understand the essentials on JavaScript. Every time I’m confronted with a tough project at work I pause and remember what you taught so thank you again. – Ciprian Micula



10. The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 (Udemy)

Rob Percival has a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge and is a self-professed coding geek. He has taught, believe it or not, 800,000+ students online on various aspects of web development! This course of his is one of the most sought after web development courses online and it includes multiple languages and platforms including special sessions on Javascript. 160,000+ professionals have enrolled for this comprehensive course spanning 30.5 hours. Subtitles include Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.


Key USPs –

– One of the most sought after web development courses available online

– Learn HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap 4, WordPress, PHP, MySQL and many more languages and platforms in one course

– Special 2 hour + session on JS covering all important aspects of the topic

– Tutorial is regularly updated so you learn about the latest developments in the domain

– Learn how to bid for freelance development projects and apply for role of a junior developer


Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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Review – Great web developer course!!! Understandable, direct to the point, related to the real websites, built on showing practical demonstrations. Before this course, I had just a basic knowledge of C++, assembly x86 and now I can understand and build websites. Most important, the course offers also the techniques on how to solve some special problems that are not explained in the course, therefore, you will also learn how to learn on this subject. – Giuseppe Bellinvia



11. Free JavaScript Introduction Course by W3C (edX)

This course is created by The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and is a part of the larger program on Front-End Web Development. To be taught by Michel Buffa, this course will help you learn how to add JavaScript (JS) code in your website / web app, how to make interactive web sites through the DOM API and much more. Michel is a Professor at the University Côte d’Azur who even holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science. Having taught web technologies since 1994. he is quite the pioneer when it comes to both teaching and teaching web development.


Key USPs –

– Learn how to change the CSS styles of HTML5 elements from JavaScript

– Course available on global learning platform edX, which will make it a very engaging learning experience

– It is part of a certificate course so you can either do the complete program or choose this individual course

– Learn all about HTML5 forms, learn making basic graphics and animations using the HTML5 canvas

– The trainer is a very renowned instructor and his courses on W3C are much sought after


Rating : 4.5 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review : Everything was clear and well explained, all the topics were covered in detail, could not expect more of a beginner JavaScript course.



12. ES6 Javascript: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Udemy)

Stephen Grider is an advanced JavaScript developer who is an absolute champion when it comes to teaching web development online. His courses are much renowned and his attendees have rated him very high through the years. Through this tutorial, he will help you learn all about ES6 Javascript development from scratch. It includes a lot of practice with live examples and will teach you where exactly you can apply ES6 features.


Key USPs –

– Learn the difference between ES6 and ES2015

– Find all about for each, map, filter, find, every and some helper

– Learn about Template Strings, Arrow Functions, Enhanced Object Literals and Default Function Arguments

– Special sessions on Classes, Generators, Promises and Fetch

– 6 hours of on-demand video, 36 coding exercises with full lifetime access online

– 20,000+ students have already enrolled and rated it highly


Rating : 4.6 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review : Good course, i am not xenophobic(not a good way to start a message) but it really helps learning this stuff from an someone from North America, just due to it being hard to understand my last udemy course was done by a European, and it was amazing and in depth but it was also hard to understand due to just the thick accent, either way i feel like this course was well made and i can’t wait to start on the other course of his i purchased – Jacob Lyerla



13. Free JavaScript Courses & Tutorials (LinkedIn Learning)

JavaScript plays a huge role in making the websites dynamic and its importance cannot be overstated. So if you are looking for introductory lessons in this language or hoping to polish your advanced skills, then you can take your pick from more than 1800 courses. There are essential programs solely focusing on the syntax, lessons designed for web designers, functional programming and more. By the end of the lessons, you will be proficient in developing, debugging and implementing whichever skill you choose to work on.


Key USPs-

– The instructor covers all the concepts in an interactive way which makes it easy to understand the fundamentals before the practical assignments.

– Plenty of assignments to measure your grasp on the knowledge covered in the lessons.

– Learn about events, debugging, basic fundamentals, integration techniques, AJAX and much more.

– There are special lessons such as code clinics which give you the opportunity to work on the common JavaScript coding problem. The solutions to the problems are provided for doubt clarification.


Duration: Self-paced

You can Sign up Here 



14. Free JavaScript Essential Training (LinkedIn Learning)

With the advancement of technology, JavaScript has become an integral part of the web, infusing every layer with its script. This training aims to teach you every nook and cranny of the fundamentals piece by piece. Starting from core concepts like variables, data types, conditional statements and function to more complex topics like loops, closures, and DOM scripting, this class covers it all. Additionally, there are some lectures on the libraries used in JavaScript, troubleshooting, and ES6. With over 123,620 viewers this program is evidently a crowd favourite.


Key USPs-

– This is a beginner level course without any prerequisites.

– Clear instructions are provided to install the software required to follow the lectures and use the exercise files.

– The initial lectures provide an introduction to JavaScript and its relation to Java.

– Exercises files are available for online practice as well as download.

– You can watch the lectures online or offline mode as per your convenience.

– All the topics are explained in a concise manner which makes it easy to grasp.

– The training is divided into 11 sections along with chapter quizzes.

– All the content can be accessed by anyone for free.

– The viewers of this training include information technology support specialists, software developers and more.


Duration: 5 hours 15 minutes

You can Sign up Here 


Bonus Courses

Learning the JavaScript Language – Free Course (LinkedIn Learning)

In this training developer and trainer, Joe Chellman helps you to understand how JavaScript actually works. Gain an idea about the variable, objects, arrays, datatypes, functions and much more through a series of hands-on exercises that will give you an opportunity to put your knowledge into action. Upon the completion of this workshop, you will have a thorough understanding of how this scripting language works to build powerful and complex functionality on the web.


Key USPs-

– Well structured content and the curriculum makes it easy to follow along with the lectures.

– As this is a beginner level training hence there are no prerequisites.

– The instructor shows you how to “speak” JavaScript by covering all the crucial and fundamental concepts.

– The videos can be viewed offline by using the ‘view offline’ option and the exercise files can be downloaded for practice on the go even without internet.

– The training is divided into 6 sections along with chapter quizzes.

– The course content can be availed for free and the viewers of this training include software testers, information technology consultants, software developers.


Duration: 2 hours 55 minutes

You can Sign up Here 



JavaScript Learning Path (Pluralsight)

If you are interested in getting started with JavaScript or just looking forward to picking up from where you left then this platform has a set of programs that may help you to reach your goals. Comprising of 9 courses, there is something for everyone of any experience level. Cover the basics and syntax of the language along with exploring the built-in types and operators before moving on to more advanced concepts. By the end of the classes, you will be confident enough to implement skills such as functions, exception handling, object-oriented programming and more in your coding projects.


Key USPs-

– The videos guide you through an array of concepts of different levels.

– The lessons are designed concisely which helps you to learn new skills in a short amount of time.

– Assignments give you an opportunity to implement the knowledge covered in the lessons.

– Get hands-on and enhance your portfolio with a plethora of options.

– The training is divided into appropriate sections and taught by experts with years of experience.

– The course content can be accessed for free for the first 10 days of signing up.


Duration: 28 hours (approx.)

You can Sign up Here 



The Complete Web Developer : Zero to Mastery

This very regularly updated course is very highly rated and recommended by all its participants. The creator of this program is Andrei Neagoie, who worked as a senior developer in Silicon Valley for multiple years before deciding to share all his knowledge with learners. The best part about this course is that it is not just concentrated to one language or skill, but you will learn a lot about various aspects like HTML5, CSS, Javascript, React, Node.js, Machine Learning and more.


Key USPs –

– Includes a 3 hour long special session dedicated to JavaScript

– You will learn how to build React apps, and how to work with Node and Express JS

– Includes extra sessions on interview tips, how to create optimized resume on LinkedIn for better employment opportunities

– Includes 26 hours on-demand video, 74 Articles and 64 Supplemental Resources with full lifetime online access


Rating : 4.8 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review : Not only did i get taught the broader overall picture, but relevant practical knowledge of up-to-date web development skills & tools to have was dealt with in sufficient details, only leaving out irrelevant information. Unique engaging and responsive approach indeed. – Jim Lai



Learn NodeJS

Take up this course if you want to learn V8, Express, the MEAN stack, core Javascript concepts and much more. The trainer of this course has himself been programming since the age of 16 and has massive experience to share with students. He has a Computer Science degree from Case Western Reserve University, is a Microsoft certified software application developer and has taught over 180,000 professionals online, empowering them to become better at web development and programming. Through this course he will teach you about NodeJS and assumes you to have some basic knowledge of JS before hand.


Key USPs – 

– Learn NodeJS thoroughly along with better understanding of JS

– Learn to build a Web Server in Node

– Includes special session on Javascript, JSON and Databases

– Learn to expand the abilities of JS through Node


Rating : 4.6 out of 5

You can Sign up Here.


Review : It was amazing. I hope Anthony brings more of his knowledge to this course! He made this course very easy to understand, I have tried watching YouTube videos and reading documentation about Node but I always ended scared of it, but watching this course made me understand what happens under the hood. I assure you, if you watch this, and practice, you’ll learn and understand not just Node but the future of JavaScript. Thanks! – Luis Carlos Flores



Learn and Understand AngularJS

Coming from the same instructor, this tutorial is all about AngularJS and it will most importantly help you master the Javascript concepts behind it. You will also learn how to design custom directives and build a single page application. You will need basic knowledge of HTML to sign up for this class.


Key USPs – 

– Learn fundamental JS concepts that powers AngularJS

– Become fluent in all Angular terminology

– Understand dependency injection, directives, transclusion and more

– Includes 7 hours of on demand video with 5 articles, all available with full lifetime access online


Rating : 4.5 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review : Another great course from Tony Alicea. Well described. Easy to follow. Clever. My only negative would be that it was recorded a few years ago, so while the concepts are valid, a few of the technical features of Angular have changed. Not really a problem though. – Ben O Brien



Git a Web Developer Job: Mastering the Modern Workflow

Among other things this course will teach you how to write well structured JavaScript and CSS that other developers can easily understand. Brad is a web development ninja and has even conducted training programs for Fortune 100 companies. In addition to being a front-end developer, designer and educator, he’s been building UIs for some of the world’s biggest organizations and political campaigns. He brings all that experience of his here in this course.


Key USPs –

– Learn all about object oriented programming in JS, webpack and integrating webpack in Gulp

– Create well structured JavaScript and CSS that is easy to understand

– The course will also teach you Gulp Essentials

– Learn about Gulp Timeout – BrowserSync, Gulp Error Handling and more

– Includes 15.5 hours of on demand video with 100 supplemental resources, all available with full lifetime access


Rating : 4.8 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review : Great! Great! Great! – Amazing! Course. Highly recommend taking this course once you will not regret. Everyone should take this course who want’s to become the Front End Web Developer. I have learnt very much and well. This course is well explained and step by step. Great thank Brad that you created this course, I’m glad to take this course. – Rabin Rai



Javascript – From Beginner to Pro-Build real world JS apps

This is very comprehensive JavaScript course and the best first step to learn React, Angular or Vue JS. Tutor Abhay Talreja has 10 years+ web development experience and is proficient at multiple languages including Java, Grails, iOS and Android. Very importantly, this course will teach you how to organize and structure your code using modules and functions.


Key USPs –

– Learn how to debug your code and understand other developer’s code.

– You will learn how to take the w3 Schools, Upwork or Freelancer Javascript certification

– The course is ideal for beginners who want to get started in this domain

– Learn about complex functions such as function constructors, prototype, inheritance and closures

– 12.5 hours of on demand video + 9 supplemental resources + 79 coding exercises!


Rating : 4.5 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review : I like structured learning. I appreciate knowing what to expect from the beginning. It helps build confidence. I was able to plan, develop and launch my first App after completing this course. This course will cut the time it takes to get up and running with Javascript by 75%. Take the course! I’m just saying. – Jerry Gitchel



So those were what we found to be the Best Javascript Tutorial, Class, Course, Training & Certification available online for 2021. Hope you found what you were looking for. There are multiple other course from different domains and subjects listed on our website. We have listed some of the best NodeJS tutorial, ReactJS Course, a special mention of best Angular Tutorial and a comprehensive take on VueJS Tutorial. Wish you Happy Learning.