15 Best Machine Learning Certification [2021 DECEMBER] [UPDATED]

best machine learning training and certifications

Our team of global experts has done in-depth research to come up with this compilation of Best +Free Machine Learning Certification, Tutorial & Training for 2021. All these resources to learn Machine Learning are available online and are suitable for beginners, intermediate learners as well as experts. You may also want to take a look at the Best Artificial Intelligence Certification.


15 Best Machine Learning Certification for 2021

1. Post Graduate AI Machine Learning Certificate Program (Purdue University)

Purdue UniversityThis comprehensive program is designed to provide you a practical understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to enable you to produce the best outcomes via Simplilearn’s intensive Bootcamp learning model. Specially organized for working professionals with programming knowledge will help you learn fundamental concepts like machine learning, statistics, deep learning, NLP, and reinforcement learning. The classes will be delivered via interactive learning models and live sessions by industry leaders, global practitioners, and industry projects. The curriculum is prepared in partnership with Purdue University and in collaboration with IBM, which means you’ll be learning from industry experts throughout the classes.


Key USPs –

– A structured curriculum prepared to help you learn about various AI-based technologies, such as ML, Deep Learning, NLP, Speech Recognition, etc.

– Gain a strong knowledge of Python programming and its libraries, writing scripts with the Jupyter-based lab environment

– Learn about the concepts of deep learning to build artificial neural networks and traverse layers of data abstraction while understanding TensorFlow and Keras

– Get access to elective courses to further understand subjects like NLP, GitHub Learning, Reinforcement Learning, etc.

– Earn a professional badge of achievement from the comfort of your home with flexible learning


Duration: 12 months, 5-10 hours/week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review: I would give a 5-star rating for the Simplilearn course I took. It helps me understand the content easily through online self-learning videos, and trainers assist us with their enriched knowledge, as well. – Janani Varun



2. Start Building your AI Strategy (Northwestern | Kellogg School of Management)

Businesses are adopting Artificial Intelligence to automate and ease routine tasks. With the advent of cloud computing and big data analysis, AI has changed the way organizations operate and serve. This AI course by Kellogg School of Management is for change leaders and business executives who are planning to integrate AI in their business operations. This course has a live and interactive classroom atmosphere and ample of learning exercises along with over 50 use cases. Executives will learn through real-world data sets to understand the implementation of AI in catering customer experience and driving business operations. You could also take a look at some of the Best Artificial Intelligence Executive Programs.


Key USPs –

– Learn how to scale your existing strategies and resources to accommodate AI-based implementation

– Understand the inclusion of AI technology through the examples of the world’s leading companies

– Get access to a Mobile App to learn and check out the lectures on the go

– Know about the tools and trends that drive AI-related business operations

– Manage your customer support, customer experience, and business operations through AI applications

– Get a Digital Certificate after clearing the exam with 80% score

– Be the change leader in your organization to implement AI-based business models


Duration: 2 Months

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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3. Applied Machine Learning Certification Program (Purdue University)

Purdue UniversityIndividuals who want to gain competitive knowledge of machine learning concepts can take help from this applied learning program. It will provide you insights into real-world machine learning applications. Taking this individual course will enable you to cover data science and machine learning concepts like data analytics, wrangling, Python, and statistics. The prospectus is offered in collaboration with the Purdue University to help you gain adequate knowledge of machine learning algorithms from industry experts and skilled tutors. During the video sessions, you’ll get access to world-class instruction, outcome-centric boot camps, and hands-on projects. Moreover, the curriculum provides Alumni association membership with the Simplilearn job assistance program to help you get your dream job. Have a look at our compilation of Best Machine Learning Engineering Courses.


Key USPs – 

– A structured course designed for graduates and working professionals to help them learn the fundamental concepts of machine learning

– Cover essential topics like feature engineering, feature selection, time series modeling, recommendation systems, and decision tree

– Know about the basics of Python programming, data operations, shell scripting, conditional statements, and Django framework

– Get access to 8X higher live interaction with 48 hours of live online classes by industry experts

– Work with hands-on projects in integrated labs with real-time datasets from healthcare and BFSI industries


Duration: 6 months, 8 hours/week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review: The curriculum was well organized, covering all the root concepts and relevant real-time experience. The trainer was well equipped to solve all the doubts during the training. Cloud lab facility and materials provided were on point. – Vignesh



4. Machine Learning Certification by Stanford University (Coursera)

Stanford Coursera CourseThis is one of the most sought after certifications out there because of the sheer fact that it is taught by Andrew Ng, former head of Google Brain and Baidu AI Group. For an ml certification to receive a rating of 4.9 out of 5 is no mean feat and the fact that it is associated with Stanford University simply adds much more credibility to the program. The topics that will be covered include Supervised learning, Unsupervised learning, best practices in machine learning and the program structure will be based around multiple case studies and applications, to help you learn how to apply algorithms to build smart robots, text understanding,  medical informatics, database mining, and other areas. This is undoubtedly the Best Machine Learning Certification out there and we give it two thumbs up! Don’t forget checking out our compilation of some of the Best Machine Learning Course as well.


Key USPs –

– One of the best courses to begin with Machine learning concepts and techniques used in daily work life

– Get a broad introduction to machine learning, data mining, and statistical pattern recognition with the all necessary topics

– Learn some of the best practices in innovation that are inspired by Silicon Valley as it pertains to machine learning and AI

– Learn to apply learning algorithms for developing smart robots, test understanding, computer vision, audio, and other areas

– Avail multiple video lectures, guides, notes, and practice exercises to excel your knowledge in machine learning concepts

– Earn a professional certificate that can be used to display your skills to employers


Duration: 2 weeks

Rating : 4.9 out of 5

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Review : The instruction was helpful. There was enough rigorous derivation for context, but the focus was on the practical use of machine learning techniques. The exercises were excellent. They included simple, principled examples that demonstrated the fundamental concepts, as well as realistic applications that demonstrated their usefulness. There was also solid support from mentors. I would highly recommend this course. It’s my first time using Coursera, and I plan to enroll in another class as soon as I’m done with this one. Thanks.



5. Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform (Coursera)

With over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being generated around the world on a daily basis, it is safe to say that data is power. Composed of 5 courses this specialization promises to take you from an overview of the importance of Machine Learning to lectures about building ML models. The program starts with introductory-level lessons that cover what machine learning is capable of and why is it so popular followed by classes that focus on Tensorflow, an open-source machine learning framework. These sets of lectures aim to help you to create, train, deploy ML models, solve numerical problems and much more. There are also numerous hands-on opportunities to enhance the accuracy of ML using the various features available on the Google Cloud Platform.


Key USPs –

– From an introduction of machine learning concepts to what kind of problems it can solve, you will learn everything with this course

– Learn how to create distributed machine learning models that scale in TensorFlow, and how to scale out the training of those models

– Learn how to integrate the right combination of parameters that harvests accurate, generalized models and knowledge of the theory

– Excel your skills and improve your learning with hands-on labs available with Google cloud platform


Duration: 8 to 10 weeks, 8 to 10 hours per week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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6. Designing and Building AI Products and Services (MIT xPRO)

This comprehensive curriculum is focused on giving you a thorough understanding of deploying AI technologies in your organization to automate routine tasks. It is ideal for technology professionals, consultants, or entrepreneurs who want to improve their knowledge of AI technology fundamentals and tools. In this program, you’ll gain an adequate understanding of calculus, statistics, and linear algebra while exploring various design processes involved in AI-based products. The curriculum is planned by professional tutors of MIT, who will assist you in learning the four stages of AI product design, analyze technical and operational requirements for building AI models, and more. On finishing the syllabus, a badge of completion will be shared with you to showcase your skills.

Key USPs – 

– Learn and understand AI design principles and applications used across various industries for automation

– Learn how to apply machine learning methods to practical problems, design intelligent human-machine interfaces, and assess AI opportunities

– Get access to crowdsourcing, demos, design support activities, and real-world examples from renowned MIT faculty

– Be able to design and construct an executive summary of an AI product or process with the AI design process model


Duration: 8 weeks, 6 hours/week

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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7. Artificial Intelligence: Business Strategies & Applications (Berkeley ExecEd)

Berkeley ExecEdOrganizations that want to have a competitive edge in the market can empower their senior management team with AI knowledge. AI technology is changing the way businesses are operating in this digital landscape. This AI course by Berkeley ExecEd will help the executives and managers in companies to integrate and oversee AI technology with the existing systems. You will learn the basics of AI and its application in business, followed by machine learning concepts and robotics. You will also learn how to integrate AI in your existing business processes to improve productivity, along with creating your AI-driven tech team. Earn a certificate from UC Berkeley Executive Education to improve your managerial portfolio and add trending skills in your profile.


Key USPs –

– Understand how to power business operations through AI strategies

– Devise an AI-based team to improve productivity and efficiency of projects

– Learn about AI applications to see where you can fit it in your processes

– Learn through the examples of the world’s topmost AI-driven companies

– Understand digital transformation through real-world case studies of the global organizations


Duration: 2 Months

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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8. Deep Learning Certification by DeepLearning.ai – Andrew Ng (Coursera)

deeplearning coursera courseA lot of learners, opt to learn Deep Learning along with Machine Learning. If that’s whats on your mind, then this is undoubtedly one of the most sought after deep learning courses out there. In this training, you will learn about the foundations of Deep Learning, learn to build neural networks and also understand all about machine learning projects. There will be real time case studies including sign language reading, music generation and natural language processing among others. Most importantly, this is taught by one of the pioneers in this industry, Andrew Ng. You may also be interested in checking out our take on Best Data Science Courses.


Rating : 4.7 out of 5

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Review : Course content is very good. Andrew Ng’s style of teaching is phenomenal. He has a knack for uncomplicating an otherwise complex subject matter. Highly recommended for anyone who is trying to understand the fundamentals of neural networks and deep learning.



9. Machine Learning: From Data to Decisions (MIT Professional Education)

MIT Professional EducationParticipants will gain a practical understanding of the tools and techniques used in machine learning applications. In the MIT tradition, you will learn by doing. There are no prerequisites in terms of math or computational science, although basic understanding of statistics is helpful. This is not a coding course, but rather an introduction to the many ways that machine learning tools and techniques can help make better decisions in a variety of situations.


Key USPs-

– On your journey to learning MIT Professional Education’s Machine Learning: From Data to Decisions online program, you’ll be in good company. Past participants come from a wide range of industries, job functions, and management levels.

– This online program requires no prerequisites in terms of math or computational sciences, although some experience with introductory-level statistics is helpful.

– This online program takes a look at machine learning through a lens of practical applications. It is designed specifically for professionals who want to develop a competitive edge by turning what is unknown into what’s known-leading to better decisions and outcomes.

– Faculty: Devavrat Shah is a professor with the department of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT.

– Certificate: Get recognized! Upon successful completion of the program, MIT Professional Education grants a certificate of completion to participants.


Duration: 8 weeks

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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10. Become a Machine Learning Engineer for Microsoft Azure by Microsoft (Udacity)

This nano degree program is focused on expanding your machine learning skills and build practical experience by training, validating, and evaluating models with Azure machine learning. It is specially designed for individuals who have particular expertise in machine learning algorithms. Taking part in this program will help you improve your skills by building and deploying sophisticated machine learning solutions with popular open-source tools and frameworks. It includes a capstone project at the end of the curriculum that will allow you to use your learned knowledge to solve interesting problems. Upon ending the course, you’ll receive a badge of completion to showcase your skills. Check out our curation of Best Free Applied Machine Learning Courses.


Key USPs – 

– An intermediate program designed for students to enhance their machine learning skills with open-source tools and frameworks

– Gain practical experience in running complex machine learning tasks with the built-in Azure labs accessible with the Udacity classroom

– Learn to configure machine learning pipelines in Azure and identify use cases for automated machine learning

– Learn how to use Azure ML SDK to design, create, and manage machine learning pipelines in Azure

– Be able to deploy machine learning model as a web service and test the model endpoint


Duration: 3 months, 5-10 hours/week

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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11. Machine Learning Data Science Certification from Harvard University (edX)

Harvard Online CoursesThis Harvard ML Certification comprises 9 courses that include including Machine Learning, R. Probability, Linear Regression and much more. This comprehensive program is one of the best rated programs available on the subject online. You will also learn about Inference and Modeling, Productivity Tools and Wrangling to be followed with a Capstone project where you will create a project based on guidelines and have it assessed. The professor of this course is Rafael Irizarry, Professor of Biostatistics at Harvard University.


Key USPs –

– Learn fundamental R programming skills, statistical concepts like modeling, inference, and how to apply them in practice

– Get knowledge and experience with tidyverse, including data visualization with ggplot2 and data wrangling with dplyr

– Develop an essential skill set for R programming, data visualization, file organization with Unix/Linux, and reproducible document preparation

– Access motivating case studies, ask specific questions and learn by answering these questions via data analysis

– Get in-depth knowledge of fundamental data science concepts via video lectures and case studies

– Receive a professional certificate once you complete the course with given projects and exams


Duration : 9 courses, approx 4 weeks per course

Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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12. Machine Learning – Data Science Certification from IBM (Coursera)

If you have decided to pursue a career in Data Science or machine learning then this is a fairly good place to begin. This ML certification consists of a series of 9 courses that help you to acquire skills that are required to work on the projects available in the industry. The lectures cover a wide range of topics including data visualization, analysis, libraries, and open source tools. By the end of the program, you will have multiple assignments and projects to showcase your skills and enhance your resume. If you have AI on your mind, we’ve got you covered with our list of Best AI Courses.


Key USPs –

– An introductory course focused on teaching individuals about machine learning and data science concepts with basic computer knowledge

– Learn from some of the best industry professionals who are working with IBM for a long time

– Get access to multiple video tutorials, practice exams, and quizzes to prepare yourself for the final exam

– Get 24/7 support from a team of experts who will help you at every stage of learning during the course

– Receive your certificate of completion once you complete the hands-on projects and given assignments

– Hundred percent flexible course with the freedom to study from your comfort zone


Duration: 3 to 5 weeks per course, 2 to 7 hours per week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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13. Certificate in Machine Learning – Teach Machines to Teach Themselves (University of Washington)

Machine learning engineering is one of the most in-demand profiles at present in the world. If you aspire to pursue a  career along this track, the University of Washington will guide you through the whole journey. The content is divided into three quarters and goes over the introductory terminologies and topics, advanced algorithms and deep learning one by one. You have a shot at earning a scholarship to cover the cost of the courses.


Key USPs-

– Navigate through open-source tools like Keras, and TensorFlow.

– Learn about optimisation methods, mathematical models and perform statistical analysis.

– Find out about the logic of NLP and recommendation systems.

– Prepare your datasets before processing.

– Be a part of code reviews.

– Complete hands-on projects and build your portfolio.


Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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14. Mathematics for Machine Learning (Coursera)

This course aims to bridge that gap and helps you to build a solid foundation in the underlying mathematics, its intuitive understanding and use it in the context of machine learning and data science. Start with Linear Algebra and Multivariate Calculus before moving on to more complex concepts. By the end of the classes, you will have a strong mathematical footing to take more advanced lessons in ML and become a professional.


Key USPs –

– Consists of three different courses, each of which is focused on preparing you for different concepts of mathematics

– Learn about linear algebra, how it relates to data, and how you can work with vectors and matrices

– Learn how to optimize fitting functions to get good fits to data with the help of multivariate calculus

– Gain prerequisite mathematical knowledge to continue your journey and take more advanced courses in machine learning

– Learn and get guidance from a team of expert instructors who will also help you with any queries related to the course


Duration: 4 to 6 weeks of study, 2 to 5 hours per week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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15. Machine Learning Certification Course (Simplilearn)

In this certification, you will go over all the essentials of this cutting edge field. Utilise data obtained from real-time scenarios and apply algorithms based on concepts of regression, classification, supervised and unsupervised learning. After completing the training, you will have an in-depth understanding of how to leverage the acquired knowledge to make accurate predictions.


Key USPs-

– Get familiar with the techniques in time series modelling.

– Plenty of exercises to practice along with lectures.

– Attend mentoring sessions conducted by experts.

– Take your pick from self-paced, blended and corporate program formats.

– Three projects based on industrial problems.

– Complete all the assignments and assessments to earn the certificate.


Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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16. Coursera Machine Learning Certifications (Coursera)

Individuals who are confused about where to start their machine learning journey can take help from these courses provided by Coursera. All these courses and classes are designed and reviewed by experienced professionals of top-rated universities around the world. These courses focus on creating systems to utilize and learn from large sets of data, so you will cover a wide variety of topics during the classes. Also, if you already have some basic knowledge of machine learning, then you can begin with the intermediate or advanced courses. These courses are included with a certification program, which means you will receive a certificate of completion on finishing the course. In case you are interested in diving deep into Python, then we have got the compilation of  Python Course just for you.


Key USPs –

– Cover a wide variety of topics like predictive algorithms, natural language processing, statistical pattern recognition, and many more

– Enroll in master’s degree programs if you want to earn a professional degree in machine learning

– Get access to valuable resources, videos, articles, and other download resources to take your knowledge to the maximum

– Practice your skills and improve your experience with the help of quizzes, practice exams, and video tutorials

– Some of these courses are absolutely free to enroll, so you have to pay any hidden cost to avail them


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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Bonus Courses


Machine Learning Certification (University of Washington)

University of Washington

Amongst multiple machine learning courses, Coursera also provides specialized courses that are focused on specific and most essential topics of Machine Learning. Leading researchers at Washington University design this specialized course. It will introduce you to the exciting, high-demand field of machine learning, and you will learn how to analyze large and complex datasets. So, if you want to be an expert in machine learning, then taking this specialized course can help you become a master at machine learning techniques. Moreover, it includes hands-on projects that you will have to complete after finishing the course.


Key USPs –

– Gain experience in significant areas of machine learning like prediction, classification, and information retrieval with a series of practical case studies

– Learn to create a system that adapts and improve over time, and build intelligent applications that can make predictions from data

– Learn from some of the top instructors of Coursera who have years of experience in delivering machine learning coaching

– Freedom to study from your own pace with a 30 days free trial with the course

– Excel your knowledge and skills with the help of practical exercises, video lectures, and quizzes included with this program


Duration: 8 months, 4-5 hours/week

Rating : 4.6 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review : Excellent course, really appreciate the your hard work in creating easy to follow course, very good slides and presenting information and explanations step by step…. oh and also love the on-screen chemistry between both of you and engaging style with students. It has been an enjoyable course. Please keep up the good work.



College Machine Learning Certificate (edX)

edX is known for providing both free as well as paid courses depending upon the needs of individuals. This list of machine learning courses also includes a few free and paid courses. So, if you are amongst those who are not willing to invest any money to learn ML in the beginning, then you can take help from these courses. What’s a great thing about these courses is that all of them are designed and created by top universities and schools around the world, such as Harvard, Oxford, MIT, etc. Some of these courses even provide a professional certificate on completing the course that can be shared with your resume or LinkedIn profile to showcase your skills.


Key USPs –

– Learn a wide variety of topics, such as data science, artificial intelligence, data science with python, algorithms and data structure, and many more

– Choose a course or topic that best fits your knowledge, and then enhance your skills in the same subject

– Get guidance and support from a team of experts and instructors to help you with any queries related to the courses

– Avail practical exercises, hands-on projects, quizzes, and many other things that can help you enhance your knowledge and skills


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

You can Sign up Here



Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (MIT Professional Education)

Get an opportunity to get up to date with the latest work in this field along with earning skills required to build efficient AI systems. The classes focus on explaining the challenges that come in the way of incorporating these technologies in the workplace. You can explore how the concepts of mathematics, data analysis, and programming can together help in answering some of the long-standing problems in the world.


Key USPs-

– Choose electives from areas like deep learning, computational design and more.

– Gain tips and best practices to follow while developing models.

– Take a look at the breakthrough research works.

– Earn the certification by completing all the mandatory requirements within 36 months.

– Interact with peers from around the world and share ideas.


Duration: 36 months

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Machine Learning Training A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science (Udemy)

Close to 200,000 students have attended this Machine Learning training so far with a high rating of 4.5 out of 5! Trainers Kirill Eremenko and Hadelin de Ponteves along with their Super DataScience Team has put together this brilliant program to help you create Machine Learning Algorithms in Python and R. All you need to attend this training is high school level mathematics understanding or basic level learning of algorithms such as linear regression and logistical reason. It is a 40.5 hour long comprehensive course that will offer you all details and knowledge required to excel in this field. This is one of the best machine learning tutorial in our opinion.


Key USPs –

– An introductory and step-by-step guide to machine learning that will teach you essential techniques of this field

– Packed with practical exercises that are based on real-life examples so that you can excel your skills and knowledge

– Includes both Python and R code templates that can be downloaded quickly and used with your own projects

– Learn to build an army of powerful machine learning models and know how to combine them to solve any problem

– Earn your certificate of completion once you finish the course with the given projects and assignments


Rating : 4.5 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review : Kirill and Hadelin really took time to design the course such a way that understand the Concept very easily, even though if you don’t have any previous knowledge. On Top of it , specially having perfectly designed templates for various algorithms will make you feel very comfortable . Throughout the course if you follow the video , you are sure to get the concept of machine learning. And at the end of the course I’m quite confident to face any challenge in Machine learning world . – Prantik Bala



Machine Learning Certification (E-Cornell)

Cornell is a well-known name in terms of providing technical courses. This machine learning certification program will help you learn how to implement machine learning algorithms with the help of Python programming. Moreover, you will get a chance to practice framing machine learning problems with the help of math and intuition and construct a mental model to understand how data scientists approach such problems programmatically. So, you will not only get introduced to a few concepts of machine learning, you will be practicing them with real-world scenarios. Also, on finishing the program with given assignments and projects, you will be able to receive your certificate of completion.


Key USPs –

– One of the extensive machine learning courses designed by expert and professional instructors of E-Cornell

– Explore a wide variety of machine learning algorithms and practice how to select the best model

– Learn to implement selective models effectively by considering their fundamental principles

– Get an opportunity to implement algorithms on live data while practicing debugging and improving models via multiple approaches

– Learn to use Python and NumPy libraries for completing code exercises and projects

– Avail continuous support from a team of experts for any queries or issues related to the course


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

You can Sign up Here



Data Science Specialization – Johns Hopkins University (Coursera)

John Hopkins Coursera CourseThis specialization program from John Hopkins will help you put your first step into the world of data science and machine learning. In 9 sessions, the trainers will help you learn all aspects of data science, followed by a capstone project to try out all that you learn in the course. The tutors of this program include Roger D. Peng, Brian Caffo and Jeff Leek and together they will teach you about R Programming, Exploratory Data Analysis, Statistical Inference in addition to many other aspects and areas of data science.


Rating : 4.5 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review : I felt this course covered an adequate distribution of introductory material in the right amount of time. In particular, the swirl() library is incredibly helpful and well-designed.



Advanced Machine Learning Certification by Higher School of Economics (Coursera)

Developed and taught by a team of 21 lecturers, professors and researchers; this is your deep dive into the world of machine learning and only meant for ones with basic knowledge about the subject. You will learn all about deep learning, reinforcement learning, natural language understanding, computer vision and Bayesian methods. CERN scientists will share experiences of solving real-world problems to help you understand how all this works in practice and not just theory. At the end of this 7 course curriculum, you will get to apply modern methods in businesses and industries. For all those who are keenly interested in going deep inside a topic, we think this is the best machine learning certification for you.


Rating : 4.8 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review : This course is amazing. Taught by experts in the field with a proven track record of outstanding performance in Kaggle competitions. They teach how to fine tune ML models to achieve better performance. My choice for best course on Coursera!



Data Science and Machine Learning Tutorial with R

This is for all those who want to learn how to use the R programming language for data science and machine learning. Jose, an expert in the domain helps you learn how to Program in R, use R for data analytics, data science and how to make use of R for machine learning algorithms. Basic math skills are all you need in order to get going with this training, and in this 17.5 hour course, Jose will inspire you enough to help you go from being a nobody to a well informed somebody in the domain of machine learning!


Rating : 4.6 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


Review : Great course, amazing teacher. Although I have a background in software development and databases, I had never used R before or employed statistical methods. After taking this course, including the recommended reading and the exercises, I feel confident in being able to use R and the machine learning methods covered in the course. – Peter Mancoll



Machine Learning AWS Certification (Amazon AWS)

You might know about Amazon Web Services certification, and how machine learning is integrated with it. If you don’t have any knowledge regarding this, then this machine learning course provided by the AWS platform will take you to a deep dive into the machine learning curriculum that is used to train Amazon’s developers and data scientists. There are more than 30+ digital ML courses with multiple hands-on labs and documentation that are originally used for Amazon’s internal use. So, you will get to learn the techniques that are used by Amazon developers for developing their products and services.


Key USPs –

– One of the best machine learning courses available online that will guide you to the advanced techniques of ML

– Learn how to apply ML, artificial intelligence, and deep learning to your business for unlocking new insights and value

– Build your machine learning skills with on-demand, flexible digital training that is available free of cost

– Get training from professionals that is designed to fit your specific ML goals with tailored learning paths

– Choose a specific learning path, such as developer, data scientist, business professional, etc., according to your requirements

– Earn a professional certificate from AWS that verifies your skills and knowledge in ML concepts


Duration: 54 hours

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

You can Sign up Here


So those folks were our choice of the Best Machine Learning Training and Certifications which you can attend online. These are based on most recent standings and are updated for 2021. We wish you all the best and hope you learn, get empowered and grow in your career 🙂 Cheers, Team Digital Defynd.