6 Best + Free Logic Pro X Tutorial & Courses [2021 DECEMBER][UPDATED]

Best Logic Pro X course tutorial class certification training online

A team of 30+ experts has conducted deep research and compiled this list of 6 Best Logic Pro X courses and training for Music Production. Many professionals have already benefited from this comprehensive list of Best class, tutorial, program and certification available online for 2021. These online resources will help you create killer music and are most useful for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.


6 Best Logic Pro X Tutorial, Course, Training and Class Online [2021 DECEMBER] [UPDATED]

1. Music + Audio Production in Logic Pro X – The Complete Guide (Udemy)

Available on Udemy, this comprehensive tutorial is designed by Make Pro Music which is a renowned music and audio school. It is ideal for absolute beginners who don’t have any experience in recording/producing audio. The great thing is that you can access it from anywhere round the clock. The instructor will teach you how to do sound recording and basic audio production. By joining this training, you will learn to write, produce, mix and edit great music that sounds highly impressive, polished and professional. Also, check out our compilation of Best Audio & Music Production Courses.


Key USPs:

– Step-by-step guide on how to produce excellent quality audio and music with Logic Pro X

– Find out the great ways for writing Music in Logic Pro X

– Understand the basic concepts of sound recording and digital audio production

– Covers beginners to advanced topics about the software

– You will get training from a single experienced instructor


Duration: 14 Hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review: So glad I invested in this course. Only half way through it and there is just so much detail and so many functions I, as a logic pro X user, have missed all this time! Shortcuts that make life so much easier and most importantly quite a bit of detail on mixing and mastering your music. Great value for money. Thanks Rob! – Hazel Hynek



2. Music Production in Logic Pro X – The Complete Course! (Udemy)

This exclusive class by Tomas George and Digital Music Masters is perfect for all those who want to learn Mixing, Recording and creating Music using Logic Pro. It covers a range of topics such as recording Audio, making great Music with software, Apple Loops and MIDI instruments. In 16.5 hours on-demand video lecture, you will gain a lot of knowledge and improve your skills dramatically. To join this tutorial, you just need to have a working MacBook, basic music skills and Logic Pro X Software.


Key USPs:

– Learn to master and mix music and avoid common mistakes that other users commit

– Comes with updated Logic Pro 10.4 videos

– Learn fundamentals to become a good music producer

– Clear instructions that you can understand easily

– The trainer will show you how to record, write or mix own Music

– The complete course that will let you learn how to use DAW perfectly


Duration: 16.5 Hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review: It was a really good course. He pretty much covered everything in Logic Pro and since I am new to Logic, I feel comfortable about getting started working in Logic based on what I learned in this tutorial. The additional bonus interviews were a nice feature too – it was good to hear from professionals in the industry and get their input on a lot of topics related to the field. Really enjoyed it, thanks! – Adriann Seebach



3. Remix Tutorial: How to Remix in Logic Pro X (Udemy)

Developed by Dylan Bowes, this comprehensive tutorial will help you master Logic Pro X. It is most useful for songwriters, musicians, remix artists and beginning/intermediate producers. Through this training, you will learn how to set up remix stems in projects, use insert effects, create instrument tracks, and mastering missing track. The only perquisite is Logic Pro X Digital Audio Workstation. The program will aid you become a Logic Pro X power user.


Key USPs:

– Learn how to import/download Remix Stems

– A comprehensive guide on how to create remixes using the software

– Polish your skills through 100% HD video lectures

– Useful Tips and Tricks that every remix artist should know

– You will be taught by a knowledgeable instructor having years of experience in the industry

– Know advanced techniques of Audi Editing and start remixing songs

– Get an idea about Song structure, Songwriting and Composition


Duration: 5.5 Hours

Rating: 4.4 out 5

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Review: Thorough and concise. Very informative and covers loads. – Claire Hardman



4. Free Logic Pro X Tutorial: Making Beats (LinkedIn Learning)

If you have a shoestring budget and want to learn how to create killer beats, then this is the perfect class for you. This tutorial has been developed by Dot Bustelo who is an internationally-recognized Logic Pro software specialist, film composer, sound designer and music producer. The instructor will show you how to make music using Logic Pro X software. You will learn every aspect of drum programming and making beats that include select the best drum kit for quantizing, arranging, and recording beats. Have a look at our take on Best Free FL Studio Courses.


Key USPs:

– Learn to make beats using Ultrabeat and Drummer

– Enhance your skills like Music composition, Songwriting, Digital Audio Workstations and Virtual Instruments

– Learn more about Vocoding, retro groove tricks, sampling Audio, slicing and Time-stretching

– Know how to make tight beats

– Dive deep into Apreggiator and other MIDI Plugins

– You can join it absolutely free for 1 month

– Perfect for Intermediate learners


Duration: 4 Hours 9 Minutes

Rating : 4.5 out of 5

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5. Free Logic Pro X Essential Training (LinkedIn Learning)

Scott Hirsch is a good sound designer, an audio engineer and a video/film mixer who teaches great audio concepts that include applications like Reason, Logic Pro and Pro Tools. Through this tutorial, the instructor will show you how to record, compose, mix and edit sounding tracks. The class is useful for both novice and intermediate learners.  You will learn about great arranging and editing techniques for both MIDI and audio data. If you have always wanted to bring musical ideas to life, then this is the perfect program for you. Check out the Best Adobe Audition Courses curated by us.


Key USPs:

– Get great information on how to export, mix and share great tracks

– The trainer will teach you using Apple Logs and Samples

– Learn how to work with screensets and windows

– Learn more about custom key commands that are useful

– Know how to edit and arrange MIDI

– Upskill yourself with free online training and advance your career

– Develop skills like digital audio workstations, music production, Logic Pro and Virtual Instruments


Duration: 7 Hours 18 Minutes

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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6. Producing Music with Logic (Berklee)

This extensive program has been created by Jeff Baust, Ralph Kinscheck and David Doms for those who wish to learn to do powerful Music production using Logic Pro.  The instructor will give you an idea about the software which includes its key commands, navigation, windows and editors, workflow, and screensets. By joining this course, you will able to produce great Music. It includes numerous critical listening examples, power user tips and tricks and interactive activities that explain the great capabilities of this dynamic tool.


Key USPs:

– Harness the power of Logic’s Software instruments covering UltraBeat, Sculpture, EXS-24, ES2, and many other vintage instruments and subtractive synthesizers

– Learn more about audio recording/editing, MIDI real-time control and MIDI editing

– Understand the elements of production design

– For joining, there is no application required

– Good course for learning to work with QuickTime Movies

– Enhance your creative abilities and advance your career


Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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So that was our experts’ take on 8 Best Logic Pro X Live Training, Courses, Programs, Tutorials, Classes and Certifications available online for 2021, which will help you learn and excel at it. Do have a look around our website to find more courses, and do share this article with your friends if you found this useful.