9 Best Piano Courses [2021 DECEMBER] [UPDATED]

Best Piano lessons classes course tutorial certification training online

20+ Experts have compiled this list of Best Piano Course, Tutorial, Training, Class, and Certification available online for 2021. It includes both paid and free resources to help you learn Piano and these courses are suitable for beginners, intermediate learners as well as experts.


9 Best Piano Classes, Lessons, Courses, Certification & Training Online [2021 DECEMBER] [UPDATED]

1. Pianoforall – Incredible New Way To Learn Piano and Keyboard (Udemy)

This comprehensive course for beginners is designed to take them to an intermediate level. Begin with popular rhythm style piano from great artists such as Elton John, Lionel Ritchie, Norah Jones and more. Go step by step into Ballad, Blues, Jazz, Ragtime and creating your own melodies. Along with this learn to read music as you learn how to ‘play by ear’ and eventually work your way up to some amazing classical pieces.


Key USPs –

– The enrolment does not require any prior experience.

– Learn the absolute basic essential techniques that will allow you to play any song in any style – by ear.

– The concepts taught covered can be used on both piano and keyboard.

– 20 minutes of practice a day is enough to make rapid progress.

– 362 Lectures + 184 Downloadable resources + Full lifetime access


Duration: 10 hours

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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Review : The method used by the instructor makes it simpler to understand how rhythms and chords come together to make the different styles of music. I found this extremely helpful coming from a basic background knowledge in music. Awesome course. -Leandro Bolívar Alfonzo



2. The Complete Piano & Music Theory Beginners Course (Udemy)

If you have always wanted to play the piano but did not know where to start then this is the place for you. The classes are compact, engaging and easy to follow along. With logically structured lectures you will explore the proper technique, the elements of music such as notes, intervals, chords and scales, the major and minor keys, rhythmic subdivision among other important topics. By the end of the classes, you will have a solid foundation to pursue more advanced study.


Key USPs-

– There is no prerequisite for this tutorial.

– Develop the correct technique and apply theory concepts to their playing.

– Go over the theory to understand the skills better.

– The flexible deadline allows you to learn at your pace.

– 25 Lectures + 3 Articles + 1 Downloadable resources + Full lifetime access

– Available at an affordable rate.


Duration: 1.5 hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review : At first, I’m hesitant to get this beginners course because of the basic knowledge I already had in music but no regrets. There’s so much information in this course and there are different tricks. I’ve learned a lot! After completing the course and before the learn fest ends I bought the other 7 courses. Looking forward to learn more. Thanks Rob! You’re a good musician and a teacher. -Rose Anne Dimla



3. The Complete Piano Course – Master The Piano (Udemy)

This program is divided into three different sections with increasing level of difficulty. The lessons provide a step by step guide to fully learning the piano. So if you are completely new to learning this instrument then you can begin with the beginner section. The following two sections are for intermediate and advanced level learners with at least a few years of experience under their belt. So learn to play anything, create your own music, perform and apply the musical skills to your life. Also, check out our compilation of Best Flute Tutorials.


Key USPs-

– Learn the basic and advanced techniques and get motivated.

– Develop your unique sound, improve your technique, increase your musicianship to impress your family and friends.

– The concepts are explained in a simple manner that is easy to follow along.

– 240 Lectures + 1 Article + 15 Downloadable resources + Full lifetime access


Duration: 21.5 hours

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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Review : This is a very nice and a elaborative lecture. Apart from this the quality of the video and audio is excellent and the instructor does not complicate things. It is a thorough and a comprehensive lecture which is proving to be extremely helpful for beginners like me. Kudos! -Ahaz Makhdoom



4. Piano for Singer/Songwriters | Write Songs and Perform Live! (Udemy)

In this foundational program, the instructor will guide you through the steps to play the piano like a singer /songwriter. Ever lecture builds on the previous one and walks through the whole process efficiently. Upon the completion of the classes you will be able to pick a song, adjust it to the singable key for your voice and accompany yourself on the piano.


Key USPs-

– Perfect or beginners who love playing, writing and singing songs.

– The tutorial is very well designed and divided into relevant sections.

– Read, interpret and practice chord, and rhythm on a daily basis.

– Write songs, accompany others and yourself on the piano.

– Prepare for gigs and open mics using a clear process.

– 42 Lectures + 1 Article + 8 Downloadable resources + Full lifetime access


Duration: 2 hours

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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Review : Very practical cord inversions and good arrangements, easier to sing and play to – explains lessons in a very straightforward manner. Only criticism, it’s not always easy to see which keys he’s playing on the video ( but he does explain each cord) it may not be practical to use two keyboard display approach, since he is also explains finger choice and playing technique for rhythms too. Overall really good content and very doable for a new student. – Andy W.



5. Piano Fastlane – From ZERO to HERO with Piano & Keyboard (Udemy)

Commence the classes by getting to know the keyboard and building the foundational knowledge in the sheet music and theory. Explore the pop piano basics, jazz and blues, and the improvisation basics. Along with those you will also learn to play classical music and expand your repertoire. Everyone can learn to play this instrument and this course proves that. Have a look at our take on Best Guitar Classes Online.


Key USPs-

– Get help from the instructor who is dedicated to helping you on your journey.

– Elaborate lessons cover all the necessary topics from the very beginning.

– Learn to play your favorite songs and basically any genre.

– 127 Lectures + 1 Article + 95 Downloadable resources + Full lifetime access


Duration: 33 hours

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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6. Piano With Mr. Hoffman The Lessons You’ll Love (Hoffman Academy)

The programs by this academy have been designed in such a way that it can be followed by kids, grown up, new learners as well as experienced ones. The method used to teach covers the complete foundation in music. Some of the covered techniques include ear training, improvisation, sight reading, solfege, rhythm and music theory.   


Key USPs-

– Learn a new song or concept using the series of 234 video lessons.

– Master every new song and skill using the curated list of practice tasks.

– Gain best practices and advice based on the experience of the instructor.

– Print sheet music and worksheets and stream play along with audio.

– Earn points and train your skills using the interactive games.


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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7. Piano Courses (Berklee)

The programs at Berklee are continuously updated and monitored to reflect today’s musical needs. Learn about the history of the instrument, analyze the present day challenges and pursue an in-depth study of styles and techniques. Some of the top choices include contrapuntal Jazz, improvisational theory, piano accompaniment techniques, a survey of piano styles, and rhythmic studies of pianist ensemble among others.


Key USPs-

– Learn how to find the key of a song, how to build major and minor chords, how to play by ear, and how to read sheet music.

– Equal emphasis on practical lessons and conceptual classes.

– It is advisable to follow the order of the videos to get the most out of the lectures.

– Focus on orchestration, patch choices and playing multiple timbre simultaneously.

– The content of the lectures is presented in an interesting manner which creates a great learning environment and motivates you to experiment with your creative ideas.


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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8. Now Anyone Can Learn Piano Or Keyboard (Pianoforall)

This platform provides a series of interactive lessons that help you to acquire all the necessary skills in a very concise manner. Learn to play rhythm style piano straight away with piano chords, classic party themes, terrific piano chord ballad, lots of keyboard diagrams, tricks, bluffs, formulas, and progressions in the style of classic songs. With classes designed in a different light than most other online courses, this program is definitely a crowd favorite. You can also check out our compilation of Best Drum Classes.


Key USPs-

– Learn with 9 interactive ebooks.

– Click on ether audio or video and instantly hear or see what you are reading about.

– View the books on your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone or print the pages out to set on the piano stand.

– Play in each lesson which gives you the opportunity to learn and makes the experience fun.


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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9. Learn to Play Jazz Piano (Goldsmiths University of London)

If you’re a music enthusiast and willing to learn how to play Jazz piano, this course can help you in your quest. It will provide you everything you need to begin your journey in Jazz piano. You’ll start with learning the basics of Jazz and then master the advanced techniques of the piano. The course is planned in collaboration with the Goldsmiths University of London experienced musicians, who will help you understand how musicians perform live in C, F, and B flat. You’ll also gain confidence to improvise your music skills with choral, scalic routes. After ending the course, you’ll be able to play Jazz piano confidently with a music group or solo.


Key USPs – 

– Develop jazz improvisation skills while learning in-depth standards like blues and explore jazz improvisation with play-along of jazz classics

– Learn to play Jazz piano solo and a jazz waltz while discovering the scale and chord theory, modulation, rhythmic phrases

– Get introduced to advanced blues sequences, ballads, and exceptional devices to incorporate Latin and funk into your Jazz piano style

– Receive a shareable certificate validated by the education organization to improve your resume or LinkedIn profile


Duration: 25 weeks, 2-5 hours/week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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So these were the Best Piano Tutorial, Class, Course, Training & Certification available online for 2021. Hope you found what you were looking for. Wish you a Happy Learning!