Asked 21st Jul, 2021

I want to publish my thesis. Please any help?

My name is Rabira Etafa from Ethiopia. I'm graduate from Addis Ababa University by Electrical Control Engineering and I want to publish my thesis. Please any help?

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27th Jul, 2021
Ademuyiwa Adetunji
Obafemi Awolowo University
Can you discuss with you advisor
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22nd Jul, 2021
Danung Nur Adli
Brawijaya University
You mean want to convert into publication or what? if publishing on format thesis just keep it repository campus of yours.
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22nd Jul, 2021
Bemgba B. Nyakuma
Research Initiative for Sustainable Energy Technologies
It is possible to convert your MSc thesis into publications, assuming that's what you mean. As a guide, the various chapters of your thesis can be converted into publications, book chapters or complete monograph depending on the content, scope and the novelty of the findings. Feel free to contact me if you require further assistance.
Bemgba B. Nyakuma, PhD
22nd Jul, 2021
Samson Okpo
Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro
It is possible. All you need is to extract the most relevant part of the thesis in chapter 2, 3,4 and 5 and use it to write your article. Ensured your supervisor read through the work before sending it publication.
23rd Jul, 2021
Salim Hassan
Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University
Search of jounal at your field scop
23rd Jul, 2021
Edilmar Masuhay
Surigao State College of Technology
There are many International journal publishers available just chose among them...if you wish me to help you...or if you wish me to work it for you then, we can do that...I have to edit your manuscript to be a publishable article....
23rd Jul, 2021
Anil Pandey
NITIE-National Institute of Industrial Engineering
Let me know....Topic other things...
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