Asked 6th May, 2021

How do I measure the validity and reliability of an achievement test on biology at secondary level?

What is the actual process to construct a standard achievement test at secondary level?

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8th May, 2021
Saradindu Bera
Regional Institute of Education (NCERT), Bhubaneswar
Thank you very [email protected] Ramos-Vera
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Ratio-metric imaging and measurements on imageJ?
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  • Pablo M PeixotoPablo M Peixoto
Basically, the goal is to measure ratiometric changes in roGFP2 fluorescence (405/488 nm excitation).
Because 405 excitation gives noisy images they recommend thresholding aside from routine background removal.
My specific issue is that thresholding creates binary images (without brightness gradients), so the ratios (using the image calculator as in Barata’s and Morgan’s papers) are also binary.
I'd appreciate any specific advice or if someone has a protocol to share.

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