Started 30th Jun, 2021

Death of microorganisms in the bioreator.

Dear connections, I am looking for the possible causes of death of microorganisms as the case study below:
In the morning, when the lab engineer check microorganisms under a microscope, he observed that all the microorganisms in the bioreactor died out. It was normal yesterday, what could be the reason?
Thanks in advance.

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30th Jun, 2021
Muhammad Sohaib
King Saud University
Mina Karimi-Avargani tried to mention the possible factors So to get to the point reason, would you like to brief more about your questions like;
Culture name?
Growth conditions?
Age of culture?
Bioreactor condition?
Parameter of microscopy?
After all this info we would be able to address it properly.
4th Jul, 2021
Yoram Gerchman
Oranim college and University of Haifa, Israel
More options: virus, age, etc.
Can you contribute to the discussion?

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