Our ESG Vision

We balance success as a business with unwavering focus on exemplary governance and responsiveness to the needs of the ecology and society. As an early proponent of responsible business, we have readily embraced our obligation to integrate ESG factors into everything we do. We aspire to be an industry leader in how we incorporate sustainability into the business landscapes that we build for our clients and the operations of our own business. Today, our 2030 vision reflects how ESG will continue to be integral to Infosys’ sustainable business performance.

Vision and Ambition 2030

Shape and share solutions that serve the development of business and community


Our Stakeholders

We make a better world together

Running a sustainable business for us is about striking a balance between the expectations of our stakeholders with our company goals. Clients, employees, investors, partners, academia and local communities want different things from us, and we are able to balance these through our sustainability strategy and robust engagement methodology. It is through continuous, constructive and responsible engagement that we are able to expand our efforts to realize a sustainable future for ourselves, and for our stakeholders.

Stackholder Engagement


Awards are but tiny recognition of our efforts as we strive for excellence. Infosys is a consistent early adopter of a host of industry best practices, sustainability measures, and pro-people initiatives.

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Infosys awarded UN Global Climate Action Award in 'Carbon Neutral Now' category

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Tech for Good Compendium: Infosys is committed to fostering technology for good in our communities


Infosys Carbon Neutrality Declaration: Carbon neutrality of global operations achieved by Infosys Limited in accordance with PAS 2060